The Heskjestad collection — 2007

Amateur photographer Kjell Cato Heskjestad.

The photos are sorted chronologically. Year 2022 is coming soon, as is the whyfors of my work.
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STOP Hammertime — Remember when you could drive down Løkkeveien? AFAIK this was the only stop sign around here.

Jumping pigeon

Varnes lighthouse

Varnes tunnel — WW2 fortress

View from shed next to Varnes lighthouse

Window and flower stand — Did ya pull down the curtains --- a-a-and eat the flowers? Why!

Slow children playing — Remember this road sign?

Skollevollgården - Vanse — It's not actually gold-plated

Drinking swan

Old logo — I remember this logo from the 80s

Milk pond 1

Milk pond 2

Milk pond 3

Mixed forest

Snekkestø mole — Uddal and Varnes in the background

Ceci n'est pas une Magritte — ... for obvious reasons!


Pond near Dufjell, Uddalen

Natural bridge in Uddal — Seen from below

Natural bridge in Uddal — Side view

Soccer — High kick

Uddal mountain church and bridge — There is a small cave inside the rock. The bridge is center right.

Inside Uddal mountain church — Two entrances, upper and lower

Uddal mountain church — Big-nosed priest at the entrance

Ceiling of Uddal mountain church

Hungry together

Sellegrod stripes

Refracted light

Weeping tree


Climbing bug

Hellemyr road before asphalt — Remember the bumpy ride?

White figure

Unreachable message in a bottle

Swarm at sunset — Mabergåsen


Hellemyra sunset

Vagabond going to sea

Skistad head — Possibly carved by a man from Vestbygda. This head is now utterly rotted.

Skistad head — Possibly carved by a man from Vestbygda. This head is now utterly rotted.

Wagon in the hills — Under Gray Mountain

Wagon in the hills — Below Gray Mountain

Flauråsen and Storefjell

View from Gray Mountain

View from Gray Mountain

Tracking antennas — Outside Lista lighthouse

No cell phones — Einarsnes

Southern Katland lighthouse

Dead Beat-les


Bumbled bee

Bumbled bee

Sunlight might reveal paths

Abandoned rubber - come and get some!

Amulet - St. John's day

The littlest wizard — St. John's day

Rings in the window — Old pattern

Dog at 346 meters above sea level

View from 364 meters above sea level

Different kinds of funny — Message on a public wall

Protest in the sky

Cat on leash — Straight off the boat.

Sand washery — Nesheim

Wandering pebble

Little prison

Little prison

Little prison

Little prison

Little prison

Birds in autumn

Cowed tree — Huseby

In the green

Swan in field — Skeime

"Remove yourselves from my field"

Microwave radiation - for squares only! — Nordberg fortress

Eye in the fortress

Orange moon


The grass is greener — Sirdal

Wool — Sirdal

Closed exit — Scene from dreams

She's not mourning her love lost at sea - — she's lamenting her horrible little compact camera!

Sand — Einarsnes

The wall is looking back

Sacrificial stone against the sun — Sausebakk

Between Sausebakk and Verestranda

Kjølleberg in sunlight

Speak louder


November sea


Bright head

Knit - knat - nut!



Change of weather — Langeland

The man in the ATM — Did you know ATMs were actually manned a few years back?

Ice bubble

Ice pistol — This pistol can never be fired.

Piano keys — A piano with a built-in heater.

Red stone

Concert in Vanse church — Conducted by Breidenthal

Concert in Vanse church — Conducted by Breidenthal

Tree and clouds

Sandy church — Skagen

Eating gull — Too big for you!?

Blowing glass — Skagen

Blowing glass — Skagen

Blowing glass — Skagen

Blowing glass — Skagen

Blowing glass — Skagen

Sandy church — Skagen

Ship and clouds — Skagen

Skagen sunset